Handmade Wooden Bird Tables

A bird table in the garden is a fantastic decorative item to have. Not only does it provide your outside space with a bit of character and style. It is also an excellent way to attract beautiful garden birds for you to enjoy. A bird table is also a practical item, that provides birds with much needed food during the winter months.

Country Rustics have an extensive range of beautiful handcrafted bird tables. All bird tables are constructed using timber sourced from sustainable forests. The wood is pressure treated meaning that it is resistant to rot. The bird tables are stained using anti-fungal colourant that is safe for birds and other animals. All this ensures a bird table bought from Country Rustics can be enjoyed year after year. Many of the bird tables feature slate roofs, which look great all year round in sunshine and rain. Country Rustics also have a range of painted bird tables for that contemporary look.

Bird tables can be collected directly from the workshop located in Swettenham, Cheshire or delivered directly to you. All bird tables come in two parts; the bird table top and stand. They are very easy to put together. Just tighten two wing nut bolts and your bird table is ready to use.

The bird table range at Country Rustics is extensive. Whatever your garden size there is sure to be a bird table to suit you! From mini to extra tall, these can exceed 2 meters in total height! If you are looking for a specific size or design, Country Rustics will be happy to create a made-to-measure bird table for you.

When choosing the perfect position for your bird table, select a quiet area of your garden and ensure that it is open with all possible approach areas visible so that birds can keep a good look out whilst they feed. Try to place the bird table within a few metres of a small shrub or bush which the birds can use as their scouting spot to ensure its safe to feed before flying to use it.

If cats and/or other predators are a problem, why not choose an extra tall or hanging bird table. If you already have a bird table stand or a tree stump in the perfect position, you can purchase just the bird table top on its own.

The bird tables that Country Rustics construct are strong and sturdy. Their wide base means that they are not likely to topple over in blustery conditions. Aftercare is important for your bird table; you should make sure it stays clean and looking great all year round so that it remains the perfect place for birds to feed. We suggest cleaning your bird table frequently. Fortunately, the tops of the bird tables are easily removed to ensure thorough cleaning.

If you are looking for a beautiful handmade wooden bird table as a great addition to your garden, come and browse the range available at Country Rustics today!