Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wood treated?? 

The wood that we source is all tantalized or pressure treated this is done before we receive the wood and gives the longevity of our products. A wood put into a vacuum and then a wood treatment solution is added, hydraulic pressure is applied this forces as much of the wood as possible gets the treatment. As the wood as a low pressure inside when the vacuum is emptied this allows the timber to draw as much surface solution in. The product can last anything between 15 to 30 years depending on the wood used.

Looking after your product at home??

To keep you product looking it’s best we do say to use a wood treatment once a year, and if possible to soak the feet in the treatment for a while to help prevent the wood from becoming rotten. One of the best treatments to use is a spirit based one.

The benefits of wood treatment      

  •        Protects against wood rotting fungus
  •          Wet rot
  •        Dry rot
  •        Boring Insects
  •         Penetrates deep in the wood.
  •        Prevent Mold 
  •          Prevent Algae



Water based vs Solvent based.

When looking for a suitable preservative in your local DIY store, it can often get a little confusing with the choice of products available. Trying to choose the right preservative for the job can leave you a little bit puzzled, especially when either a

solvent or water-based product can be used.

The difference in application 
When applying water-based preservatives, choose a dry, moderate day. Solvent-based preservatives are generally less prone to weather conditions.

And when it comes to the task of cleaning down after staining – water-based preservatives are much easier to contend with as all you need is warm, soapy water to clean brushes, hands and equipment. In comparison, solvent-based preservatives require the use of white spirit.


When painting the product, don’t forget the underside particularly the areas that are in contact with the ground e.g. chair legs, bird table base. We recommend sitting these areas directly into the preservative using a small flat bowl or similar. You will see the preservative ‘tracking’ up the wood.


We recommend using Barrettline wood preserver, deep penetrating oil/spirit low odour based formula. For those of you that live locally to us, this preservative can be purchased from Whitehursts (behind the coal yard on Manchester Road). It is also stocked at Toolstation or can be purchased direct from Barrettline